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K&N Air Filter for Mazda 6 (GG/GY)

2.3i (162/166 PS), 6/02-1/08

 K&N Air Filter No. 33-2278
 Mazda 6 (GG/GY) 2.3i (162/166 PS), 6/02-1/08

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The K&N air filter 33-2278 for Mazda 6 (GG/GY) 2.3i 162/166 PS consists of cotton, with about 40% more airflow compared to a original air filter Mazda of 6 (GG/GY). The K&N air filter 33-2278 is thinly coated with a special oil to achieve an optimum filtering effect and to grant long service intervals for a Mazda 6 (GG/GY) 2.3i.
By using a K&N air filter, the power of a Mazda 6 (GG/GY) 2.3i and increased fuel consumption can be reduced.
technical data
Article No. 33-2278
Brand Mazda
Model 6 (GG/GY)
Year 6/02-1/08
Engine 2.3i
Power 162/166 PS

 K&N Air Filter No. 33-2278 for Mazda 6 (GG/GY)
 2.3i (162/166 PS), 6/02-1/08
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